Código Rosa-Reposado, a Boulder Wine Merchant exclusive offering!

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Código Rosa-Reposado “Boulder Wine Merchant Private Reserve” Tequila

We are pleased to announce that Brett and his team have hand-selected Código’s barrel #21-2036 of Rosa-Reposado to be our exclusive offering.

This particular barrel displays just the right balance between Rosa’s fruity red wine charm and Reposado’s rich oakiness. It is a rare style resulting from double barrel aging, but the agave spirit’s brightness is not overpowered by oak. Enjoy a vibrant and expressive nose of snappy agave with an herbal accent. This bottling unfolds on the palate with smooth tones of flowers and red fruits with a toasty finish.

Código is a top-notch tequila producer based in Amatitán, Jalisco. They hand select the best, fully-matured agave and make each batch naturally, without any added sweeteners or colors. They use the finest Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels rather than the more commonly used American whiskey barrels. This distinctive difference makes for a more elegant tequila.

Código 1530 was the first brand to produce a naturally pink-hued tequila by resting their pure Blanco expression in the finest French white oak Cabernet wine barrels, Rosa-Reposado is a special edition twist to that original. This single barrel Código 1530 Rosa-Reposado tequila started its aging process in the finest French white oak Cabernet wine barrels, then finished in Spanish Sherry wine barrels to add extra character and a soft, sweet finish.

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