Eco-friendly and delicious: Canned wines at Boulder Wine Merchant.

Since you appreciate fine wines and outdoor adventures, we’re thrilled to introduce our selection of premium canned wines. We’ve curated a collection that rivals their bottled counterparts in complexity and flavor profile — perfect for accompanying you on your excursions.

Canned wines are ideal for your Colorado lifestyle:

1. Portable: Lightweight, unbreakable, and no corkscrew needed.
2. Quick-chilling: Reach optimal temperature faster.
3. Portion control: Enjoy without opening a full bottle.
4. Eco-friendly: Aluminum is lightweight to transport and highly recyclable.
5. Freshness: Single-serve format prevents oxidation and flat leftovers.

Discover our canned wine selection online and join us next Wednesday for a tasting event!


Wine Wednesday
July 3, 5-7pm

Canned wines:

1. Just Enough Brut Bubbles 2022. Central Coast, California $6.99
2. Prisma Sauvignon Blanc 2023, Casablanca Valley, Chile $4.99
3. Ah-So Rose NV, Navarra, Spain $4.99
4. Archer Roose Malbec NV, Mendoza, Argentina $5.39

July 4 hours: The shop will be open on Thursday, July 4, from 10am-8pm. Happy July 4!