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Volarević Plavac Mali “Gold Edition” 2016, Dalmatia, Croatia


Located in the Komarna appellation on the sunny south of the Dalmatian coast, Volarević is a family winery operated by a father and his four sons. Plavac Mali Syrtis summarizes all of the features of the remarkable Plavac Mali varietal.  It is a small, highly concentrated berry with thick, rich skins. This wine is produced only in exceptional years, with 30% raisination is allowed on the vine.  The wine matures for 18-24 months in barrels is aged for 4 additional years in the bottle before market release. Its fragrance is complex and yields typical varietal aromas in a combination of fresh berries and dry, small dried fruit, as well as aromas of Mediterranean herbs, chocolate, and black pepper. Very complex body with soft tannins and balancing acidity. We recommend decanting and serving with lamb, goat, truffles, and mushroom risotto.

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