Tatsis Limnio 2020, Macedonia, Greece

The brothers Perikles and Stergios Tatsis are third-generation winemakers, though nothing has been handed to them despite this. When they took over Tatsis Winery after their father, they wanted to change everything. They wanted to create a green winery – Back to Nature!  The Tatsis brothers do not keep to the rules of the appellation but excel in their creation of new styles of wine from the local grapes. It is a ruby-coloured and fruit-driven red wine with a charming prickly sensation when just opened. The nose is characterized by lavender and rose, cranberry and raspberry as well as cinnamon and pepper. The wine has elegant tannins and a crystal-crisp acidity. Tastes of rose, red fruits, herbs and spice linger in the long aftertaste.


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