Spinelli Pinot Grigio, Abruzzo, Italy 2020

Cantine Spinelli is not your typical Pinot Grigio for a variety of reasons. First, most Pinot Grigio is grown in Northern Italy, usually somewhere in the Veneto region. But Spinelli comes from the hills of Abruzzo which is south of Veneto and a slightly warmer climate. This explains the natural richness this Pinot Grigio has compared to others. Second, most of Spinelli Pinot Grigio is not exported but instead sold in Italy as a good value table wine. If that doesn’t speak highly of a wine, I don’t know what does! Although rich in flavor, the wine shows a characteristic crispness with a fruity and floral nose and hints of melon and lemon. An excellent value for the price and worth stocking up on.


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