Skouras ‘Zoe’ Roditis/Moscofilero Blend 2019

Skouras Winery was started in 1986 in Pyrgela, Argos by Dijon-trained oenologist George Skouras. Working with both indigenous varieties as well as international varieties, Skouras started producing very high quality Greek wines in the late 1980’s. Roditis and Moschofilero are white grapes indigenous to this area. Roditis is known for producing grapes high in acidity even in the warm climate of Greece, while Moschofilero produces wines that are intensely aromatic. Blended together in Skouras’ ‘Zoe’ they find a beautiful harmony. The nose shows a bouquet of fresh flowers, jasmine, citrus fruits, and mint. On the palate the wine shows texture from some skin contact and sur-lie aging, but is crisp and vibrant. This wine is a fun alternative for Pinot Grigio drinkers and might just become your new favorite!


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