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Pehh Cora Pecorino 2021, Terre di Chieti, Abruzzo


Pehh Cora is delicious and fun to drink.  It jumps from the glass with extroverted notes of marmalade and lemon curd with a hint of jasmine and a salty minerality, all on a medium body. It is dry and unoaked. Pecorino is a varietal indigenous to Italy’s Marche and Abuzzo regions.  It was rescued from obscurity and enjoyed a resurgence in the 1990s. According to local lore, Pecorino gets its name because sheep (pecora) are known to eat the grapes.  This white is refreshing on its own or cook up some cacio y pepe pasta, braised radicchio with creamy garlic sauce, or seared halibut with olive tapenade.  

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