Monthly Wine Club – Bright & Lively

Here’s a great gift idea: Boulder Wine Merchant’s Monthly Wine Clubs.

Our wine clubs provide year-round joy for gift recipients. Treat a wine lover in your life to one terrific new bottle of wine each month for a year.  Club members enjoy a handpicked bottle of wine each month, their choice of red or white.  We offer to either print, mail, or email a certificate that you can present when giving this gift. Please note, monthly wine clubs are for in-store pickup only. 

Members of the Bright and Lively club receive light-bodied and elegant whites that can easily be enjoyed on their own. Each month’s options are crisp whites and charming reds with satiny tannins.  They are sure to be appreciated be wine aficionados on your list. This club offers mostly Old-World wines with an average value of $17.

When purchased online, we will contact you for details such as the recipients name and your preferred method of presenting this gift.