Monte Degli Angeli Pinot Noir 2020

Pinot Noir has experienced a tremendous increase in popularity in the past 20 years, and as a result the grape has been planted all over the world. Unfortunately this means that Pinot has been planted in some places it has no business being planted, particularly in areas too warm for this notoriously delicate grape. But Piedmont is not one of those places. In fact, Piedmont is perfectly suited for Pinot Noir with a warm growing season followed by a misty autumn and cold, often foggy, winter. Not to mention that Pinot Noir has been grown in Northwest Italy since the mid-1800s when it was planted in Oltrepò Pavese, about 60 miles from Asti. Monte Degli Angeli’s Pinot Noir has classic flavors of cherries, strawberries, and flowers, with just a hint of ripe tomato skin to remind you it’s Italian.


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