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Elixir Végétal de la Grande-Chartreuse 100mL


Elixir Végétal is rumored to be the original precursor to Chartreuse in the 9th century.  Carthusian monks crafted this mysterious recipe comprised of 130 plants.  This medicine was their “elixir of long life.” As is was distributed to the local population, people began diluting the elixir and enjoying it as a beverage.  The monks then crafted “regular” Chartreuse to be a beverage.

Elixir Végétal has just recently been permitted to be imported to the US. (The TTB isn’t a fan of ‘secret’ recipes.) With the current shortage of Chartreuse, this is something fun and new that is helping to tide us over. At 69% ABV, a little goes a long way.  Its aromas are enthralling.Play with sipping (or smelling, really) it straight, diluted, or play with it as cocktail bitters.


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