Dirupi Valtellina Superiore 2014

Dirupi is the project of Davide Fasolini and Pierpaolo Di Franco who have worked tirelessly since 2004 farming their high-altitude vineyards in the sub-alpine region of Valtellina, Lombardia. This region is known for lighter-bodied expressions of Nebbiolo, known locally as Chiavannesca, than their lower altitude neighbors. Translating to cliffs or crags, the Dirupi winery is named for the steepness of their 4.5 hectares of vineyards. These terraced vineyards are supported by rock walls erected over a thousand years ago, pieces of which routinely fall and need to be rebuilt by hand, which Fasolini and Di Franco consider one of the privileges of working these old sites. Layers of savory spices, minerality, and ripe red fruits make for a complex wine that will delight on your dinner table.


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