Curatolo Arini ‘Paccamora’ Rosato, Sicily 2020

The growth and popularity of Sicilian wines has shown no signs of slowing down in the last few years. In fact, the global market continues to build demand for these outstanding wines based on high quality and moderate prices. The Paccamora winery was built upon the foundation of Marsala wine production on the west side of the island in the late 1800’s.  Eventually the focus on Marsala wine diminished and production was replaced by a more contemporary approach with dryl wines from the province of Caltanissetta.  Since 2001 Alberto Antonini has been the consulting winemaker for Arini. This 2020 rosato is lovely at this time of the year and complements the richness of roasted root vegetables, squash, and slow cooked hearty stews.  The structure and freshness of this delicious pink wine make it extra versatile in the winter months.


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