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Colli di Catone Frascati Superiore 2019


Many winemakers can trace their winery’s roots back hundreds of years, but Antonio Pulcini of Colli di Catone can trace his back to the time of the Roman Empire. Located a short drive south-east of Rome, this area has been growing grapes for thousands of years. Thankfully instead of planting international grapes, Antonio is a champion of the region’s native varieties. His Frascati Superior is a blend of 40% Malvasia Puntinata, 30% Trebbiano, and 30% Malvasia di Candia cropped at a fraction of permitted yields. The wine is then macreated on the skins for 4-5 days to add texture and a hint of tannin. Layers of ripe fruits are balanced with acidity, minerality, and weight to make an interesting and enjoyable wine.

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