Sta. Julia “La Oveja” Natural White, Mendoza 2022

Santa Julia is one of Argentina’s largest wineries, and they respectively bottle quite a few organic wines that don’t cost a fortune.  La Oveja is a fun small-scale project from them.  It is organically grown Torrontes and made with no sulfur. This fun wine displays Torrontes’ signature floral aromatics, but is richer on the palate and has hints of a mushroomy umami that keeps it interesting.

If you are curious about “natural wines”, which are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, this is a good one for dipping your toe in. Natural wines are all about taking a minimal-interventionist approach. Chemical pesticides and herbicides are not used in the vineyards, wild yeast are responsible for fermentation, and winemakers avoid additives.  They are often cloudy in color, but this example was filtered some. Many natural wines are funky, sour, and barnyard-y, making them an acquired taste.  La Oveja, however, is clean and approachable. Give her a go! And do drink it now; this isn’t intended for cellaring.


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