Darroze Bas-Armagnac “Domaine de Boubee” 2009

The Darroze family are an artisan éleveurs of Bas-Armagnac. Francis Darroze realized that Armagnac can be crafted just like wine: with a unique domain, no blending, and in small and perfectly traceable batches. This vision and devotion he shared with his son Marc, today at the helm of Armagnacs Darroze, offering a great variety of rare Armagnacs that highlight the work of local craftsmen. This bottling from their unique collection is from a single vintage and a single domaine. Each Bas-Armagnac is strictly itself, with the name of the domain of origin, its vintage and the bottling date which tells its real age as eaux-de-vie stop aging once bottled.

40% Baco, 20% Ugni Blanc, 20% Folle Blanche, 20% Colombard.

Matured on oak cask for 14 years.

Fire color, more amber tints. The nose is all in finesse, floral, elderflower, honey, slightly pastry (crème brulée, brioche). Typical of an Armagnac from Ténarèze. Very fine and delicate. We find this finesse in the palate thanks to silky and delicate tannins. An armagnac light in woody character, very airy and fine. Aromas of fresh fruit, compotes and floral.


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