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Chasing Lions Pinot Noir 2017


When Chris and Elijah ventured into winemaking in 2009, like most people, they wanted to make “the best” wines. They started with a Cabernet from Napa Valley and a Chardonnay from Russian River. These wines were remarkable, and expensive, but they didn’t bring Chris and Elijah what they were looking for. They both realized what they actually wanted to make were wines that were playful, enjoyable, and more affordable. This is where Chasing Lions enters the story. Made from Lodi Pinot Noir, Chasing Lions opens with lush aromas of ripe cherries, orange peel, violets and fig leaf. The balanced, spicy mouth is densely layered with flavors of dried Turkish apricots and vanilla bean. Oak-aging leaves a finish full of caramel and cloves.

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