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Blandy’s Rainwater Madeira


Rainwater Madeira is names after a legend that a Madeira wine was left on a dock in a port on the US’s eastern cost and after days of heavy rainfall, the wine had been diluted.  Rather than discard the Madeira, the merchant sold it as a new, lighter style, gaining much popularity.   Rainwater is medium dry pale Madeira that is delicious taken chilled before meals but also goes well with dessert. It’s elegant and refined bouquet has made it a universal favorite. Enjoy nutty aromas and a firm acidity that is best served chilled as an aperitif.

The Blandys are unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine company.

Blandy’s Rainwater underwent fermentation off the skins with natural yeast at between 24°C – 26°C C in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. After approximately 4 days, fortification with grape brandy takes place, arresting fermentation at the desired degree of sweetness. Rainwater was transferred to ‘estufa’ tanks where the wine underwent a cyclic heating and cooling process
between 45°C and 50°C over a period of 3 months. After ‘estufagem’ the wine was aged for three years in American oak casks and then underwent racking and fining before the blend was assembled and bottled.


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