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Belle Pente Pinot Noir 2018


Belle Pente has long been one of our favorite producers in the Willamette Valley. I (Jeff) was able to experience this winery located in the Yam-hill-Carlton district when I attended the Oregon Pinot Camp several years ago. The group I was with stopped here for lunch and wine tasting. Brian O’Donnell, the  blue jean overalls wearing owner and winemaker, happened to sit at my table during lunch and in the course of small talk with this soft spoken gentleman farmer, he found out I was also the beer buyer at that time. His eyes lit up and he asked if I wanted to taste the beer he had brewed. It was delicious and he was as proud of it as he was of his wines, which I think are tremendous values for what they deliver. It was also the first time I heard the expression “It takes a lot of beer to make good wine” as that is the preferred beverage during the heat of summer and early fall for hard working winemaking teams. 2018 brought a return to cooler weather and that shows as this Pinot is “classic Oregon” in style. Cherries and strawberries meld harmoniously with earthy sage, truffles, and sarsaparilla.

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