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2020 When & Where Chardonnay


Rarely do we see such a good wine with such an awful name, but here we are. What was intended to be a lighthearted joke doesn’t really land. “The kids are finally asleep” is supposed to be “The kids are finally asleep, now we can have a nice glass of wine!” not “The kids are finally asleep, now we can rob the joint!” But all joking aside, this is actually a very tasty Chardonnay. Sourced from family-owned, organic vineyards throughout Southern Australia, the grapes are treated gently and allowed to show a fresher style of Chardonnay. Ample crisp notes of green apples and Anjou pears followed by a light texture on the palate and touch of cream. The perfect white for after a long day of parenting or Breaking & Entering.

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