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2019 Rocca Bella Negroamaro


Southern parts of Italy, including Puglia where this wine is from, share the same latitude as Napa and Sonoma in Northern California. Both these areas get ample sunlight during the growing season and the cooling influence of nearby waterways, be it the San Francisco Bay or Medditerrianan Sea. It’s not surprising then that the wines from these areas can share many qualities. You might not see much (if any) Negroamaro in California, but in Southern Italy the grape is dominant. Showing aromas of dark fruits and wild berries, complemented by licorice and violets, Rocca Bella is classic and easily enjoyable. Don’t be scared of the “amaro” part of Negroamaro, this wine is anything but bitter, with smooth firm tannins and a juicy body. For the lover of California wines who wants to try something new!

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