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2019 Chateau La Verriere Bordeaux Blanc


Alain Bessete is an award-winning winemaker recognized as one of the most talented in Bordeaux. In the 1960s he resurected Château La Verrière in Entre-Deux-Mers after it had been destroyed by phylloxera and left in disrepair. In 1999 his son Alain took over and started modernizing the winery including a new cellar and bottling and packaging facility. Alain is also dedicated to sustainable development by using organic fertilizer and environmentally-friendly products to clean the winemaking equipment. The Sauvignon Blanc is left to soak on the skins for a few hours before being pressed off to ferment. It is then aged on the lees for several months to add texture. Flavors of Meyer lemon, green apple, lanolin, stones, and delicate herbs mark the character and style of this tasty, dry white wine.

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